Confidential Mindful Counselling Service

If you are feeling depressed, lost or anxious, struggling to cope with your feelings or have undergone a recent life change or loss, counselling can provide a safe, confidential place to talk about your feelings and help to make sense of them.

 Building a trusting and safe relationship is a vital part of the therapeutic process, I make no judgement of you or what has brought you to counselling and listen with openness and acceptance.


We all have struggles and life can throw up some real dilemmas that we may feel unable to cope with or to face. Fear of judgement or the effect our problems might have on our loved ones, can stop us from being able to talk about our deepest concerns and anxieties. 

We can be left feeling isolated and alone.

Having a place where you can share those struggles and feel supported can often make a big difference. 

Sometimes it takes 2 to get through.


 I provide a safe space where these issues can be explored, your deepest thoughts and needs expressed. I can help you to understand your behaviours, thoughts and cyclic patterns, re-instilling confidence and putting you back in control of life. 


Taking that first step can be daunting and finding the right counsellor can be difficult, I would encourage you to view the first session as an opportunity for us to meet with each other and see if we are well-matched.


"I attended counselling for quite a while with Jihan, and was in a very bad place to start with; I couldn't even look at her whilst speaking. Through time Jihan helped me to become more confident in myself, recognise the problems I had and helped me to see why my problems affected me the way they did. Almost like she opened up chapters of my brain containing the answers for the questions I had. Jihan is a very non-judgmental, humorous and insightful person to be around. I would easily recommend her to anybody who needs counselling."


The work can be short term (6-12 sessions) or more open ended.

Fees: £45 individuals           

£80 couples     

(concessions available for students and those in receipt of benefits)